Cultivating Confidence: a journey towards positivism, while feeling comfortable and empowered in yourself

I’m very excited (and nervous…) to be starting this fashion/life-style blog. I’ve been contemplating making something like this for years, but always held off from the ideal I wouldn’t be successful. So you’re probably wondering, why did I decide to make this blog? It’s simple, really.

To me, the purpose of Cultivating Confidence is about being bold in your decisions. Whether this be in your accord of style or life determinations – living empowered in yourself is important.  Confidence is about actively reaching the goals you’ve promised yourself. About being comfortable in your decisions regardless of what others think. It’s about recognizing your worth; living for yourself, and no one else. Building confidence isn’t easy, but it starts by making the choices you wish to see for yourself.

I created this blog, not just for myself, but to serve as a reminder to others to live a life of determination.  I’ve been wanting to create a blog like this for years, but was always afraid of judgement.  But I’ve realized my biggest obstacle was my own insecurities. The only person stopping you from achieving the things you want is truly yourself. So stop worrying, just do it. If you won’t who will?

My posts will mainly revolve around style-tips and personal experiences that will highlight living comfortably and confidently. I hope my blog can inspire you to cultivate a life of confidence for yourself, as we begin this exciting journey together!

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