Coachella Fashion Guide

If this is your first Coachella, relax and try not to stress out to much. A problem of mine was worrying about what I was wearing WAY too much. Yes, it’s about the fringe, flower crowns, and crop tops.. but just remember it’s really about the music. Enjoy yourself and don’t wear something that will hinder your experience!

There’s two types of people at Coachella.. one who sits around, and one who won’t stop moving. There’s some people who simply just sit back and chill in cute outfits, eating watermelon. However.. I’m the type of person who’s always in crowds, dancing, or running around.. with watermelon lol. So if you’re a person like me, here are my fashion DON’TS of Coachella based off of experience.

1.  NO Sandals/Flip-Flops

Yes, I know those gladiator sandals are to die for.. but trust me you’ll regret it. Your feet will not only get super disgusting, but your feet will most likely get stepped on. Especially if you’re with a group who likes to be in crowds.. (aka the Sahara tent) please don’t wear sandals. You don’t want a nail to break, or something happening along those lines. Not to mention your shoes won’t be wearable after Coachella! Save yourself the heartache ladies!

2. NO long sleeve dresses / rompers

People do it, I don’t know how. But for me, I’d rather not be drenched in my own sweat. Most of the material used for these dresses are heavy, and will be more because you’re sweating!


In my experience, a hat got super annoying. While I was trying to dance my hat either keep flying away, or people taller than me would elbow it off my head. Although it was useful for the sun, I’d rather do without it.

Those are honestly my absolute no’s of Coachella. So here are some of the things you should wear.

1. Flowy shorts and open-back tops

Shorts that you can breathe in: I can’t stress how important this is. No jean shorts, or material that is heavy. Like a long dress/romper, this will make you really uncomfortable. Forever 21, H&M, and Pacsun are selling really cute shorts with matching crops. Check them out!

2. Fringe boots 

If you can, get your hands on fringe boots! They’re much easier and cheaper to find nowadays. They are super cute, comfortable to walk in, and keep your feet clean! I wore fringe boots all three days last year – my friends were all complaining about their feet hurting, but mine were perfectly fine. So if you find them, buy them!

Other necessities:

  • Camel Backs: invest in one of these so you can refill your water, stay hydrated!
  • Sunblock: you already know why….
  • Sunnies: CHEAP BUT CUTE ONES, they are more prone to get lost or break at Coachella
  • Flash Tattoos: Great way to accessorize without the annoyance of jewelry
  • SNEAK IN PAIN RELIEVERS: just do it, you’ll thank me later!

I hope this helps, and gives you some ideas. Remember don’t stress and have fun! I’m going Weekend 2 so if you see me, say hi. Stay safe, and Happy Coachella ❤